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This page details what actions a customer can perform in the Hostcontrol system, listing all the actions and tabs which can be used in Customer Area, and provides a method to change them.

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Logging in

A customer may login with their password and username, using the URL of their reseller with /ca/ added behind.

Changing profile information


A customer can change the profile attached to their account, adding and removing information. This information also updates the whois information for the domains. A customer may also add registry-specific information to update their profile.

Ordering products

Ordering products is done on the integrated Storefront.


Request reset

When logging in, the customer may also request a password reset on their login page. This is sent to their email address.



Link domain to hosting

A customer may link a domain to a purchased hosting plan active in the account.

Change DNS

A customer may change his DNS for a domain (if enabled). To do this, the name servers must be set to the default Hostcontrol servers.

Change name servers (if enabled)

A customer may change name servers for his domain (if enabled)

Set up child hosts

A customer may set child hosts for his domain.

Redirecting a domain

A customer may redirect his domain to another site. HTTP response codes available are 301 and 302. Additionally, if the customer wishes the URL intact, he may use a mask redirect which uses an iframe.

Delete domains

A customer may also delete domains on this page. When a delete is performed, the renewal options for a domain are disabled. The customer can still manage the domain until it expires.

Change lock status

A customer may remove the lock for a domain (presuming the TLD supports it). If the TLD does not support it, the option is not shown.



Create an FTP user

When opening the details for a hosting plan, a customer may choose to add an FTP user under the FTP tab. Details per FTP user may also be edited (username, password). The FTP user is updated when "Save" is selected.

Manage databases

Presuming the hosting plan contains databases, databases may be managed on this tab. New databases may be created, existing databases may be updated with new info, and old databases may be deleted.

Software Installations

Some software installations are offered, by means of Installatron. This means a simple installation may take place on any domain in the hosting plan. Once installed, it may simple be managed using the "manage" button.


Change plans

A customer may delete, upgrade, downgrade, and order new hosting plans to fit his needs. Upgrading and ordering takes the customer back to Storefront in order to complete the order.

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Log in to Instasite

A customer may manage their Instasite by logging in via the "edit website" link

Change plans

A customer may delete, upgrade, downgrade, and order new hosting plans to fit his needs. Upgrading and ordering takes the customer back to Storefront in order to complete the order.



Create email address

A customer can create e-mail addresses for as far as there are addresses in the plan he's creating. When he creates an e-mail address, this will create the mailbox on the Hostcontrol platform, provision a username and password which may be used to access the mailbox over POP or through the webmail. Please make sure to click on the Open Xchange link, before you log in to the webmail or use it otherwise. This will trigger the function on our server to make the mailbox.

Manage email address

The following options are supported through the Customer Area:

  • Change password
  • Change size
  • Delete mailbox

Create forward

A forward is a simple forward which redirects mail to a different address. When creating a forward, a customer may fill in the forward address, and/or the recipient address or mailbox.

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Manage forward

The following options are supported through the Customer Area:

  • Delete forward
  • Change forward destination



Ordering SLL

SSL certificates can only be ordered for hosting plans outside of Hostcontrol. If you want to order one, please send a support ticket through your reseller area.



Pay invoice

A customer may pay an invoice in order to have the listed elements delivered.

View/download invoice

A customer may view his invoice in HTML and PDF.



View order

A customer can see his order history and the contents of each order.

Pay order

There is an option to pay for the order/invoice through which the customer may complete it.



Create new ticket

A customer may create a new ticket. This ticket ends up in the Reseller Area of his reseller.

Add reply

When replying to an existing ticket, the status defaults to Open to the reseller and the reply is added.

Set notification settings

A customer can set whether he would like a notification on his primary e-mail address when his ticket is answered.

Changing available actions to customers

You can always change the settings to make sure a customer cannot perform certain actions. You may do this by disabling tabs in his customer area. For domains, you have some extra options to disable specific actions.

  • To disable these options, log back in to your Reseller Area

  • First, go to the label settings:

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  • Move to the domains subtab:

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  • Finally, scroll down to find the options which may be disabled for customers, specifically for domains:

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