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Hostcontrol operates through a balance structure which works to account payment across levels. This article explains more about the balance system.


Hostcontrol only collects and groups feedback from different payment gateways. No actual money is stored in Hostcontrol; the only thing tracked are the balances and invoice states in order to automate actions.

Part of explaining this choice is in the fact that every reseller is also a customer (albeit one with special rights, namely to resell services and products). In order to cover reseller actions, a reseller only has to ensure that the 'customer' has sufficient credit to cover these transactions.

That is what we refer to as balance.

Understanding transactions

With the above situation, every customer in the chain passes on the eventual order to his reseller. As an example, presume we have a chain of:
Hostcontrol >> Reseller 1 >> Reseller 2

  • When Reseller 2 wishes to process an order for X, this will impact his balance to Reseller 1 by X (where X is the price set by Reseller 1)
  • X is the price the reseller has set in his pricelist (which contains his mark-up as well)
  • When Reseller 2 has sufficient balance, Reseller 1 processes the order further up the chain.
  • Since Reseller 1 is also a reseller (a direct one), his own balance is checked and updated for Y (his purchase price from Hostcontrol)
  • After that, the order is processed. Both balances are updated to reflect the new situation.

This construction can pass infinitely down and up the chain.

Topping up balance

Within this construction, a reseller only has to ensure he has sufficient balance with his parent reseller in order to automate orders. His reseller has several tools to manage his balance accordingly.

Manually topping up

To manually top up balance, do the following:

  • Find the reseller in your own reseller account
  • Go to Actions > Balances
  • Add or subtract credit as you see fit. Keep in mind that this credit also impacts your balance, when he processes an order.

Automated topping up

By setting up a payment gateway and a method for that label, a reseller can also allow his resellers to directly deposit using those gateways. This will create an invoice and an order which, if paid, will create balance with his parent reseller.