April, 15th

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ERRP for gTLD's

In order to remain complaint to ICANN regulations we will be sending out ERRP system e-mails in your name to registrant for expiring domains in your account. This only concerns gTLD's. In total 3 e-mails will be send out on several occasions:

1: One month before expiration.
2: One week before expiration.
3: After expiration.

These e-mails will be sent from a white-labelled address (no-reply@hostcontrol.com) with no link to your parent resellers. It will mention your support address both in the text, and as the reply-to address. This means replies to these e-mails will appear at your support box, and will appear as having been sent on your behalf.

The sending of these emails is mandatory. In case an email does not reach the recipient the bounced email will be delivered to your mail address as well.

The e-mail used is the default support e-mail address. You can add an e-mail address at Support > Departments, and set the default at Settings > Label settings > General.

Branding possibilities

As of April 15th you will have a new template appear in Support > Templates (Domain(s) Expired Notification and Domain(s) Expiration Notice). You can add content to this e-mail (like some branding or text) as you see fit; the body of this email cannot be changed as it is required to mention this information from ICANN.
As of April 23rd we will begin sending out emails based on your template to registrants of expiring domains. Not branding templates will mean your customers will receive white labelled ERRP e-mails