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In the Adyen system create a new skin if you haven't done so already and enter HMAC keys for both the test and live environment (otherwise you won't be able to actually create the skin).

In the backoffice, at the Finance panel, open Payment gateways. Select "Add Adyen account" and enter the details:

  • Name: The name in which this payment gateway is known throughout the back-office.
  • Merchant account: The merchant account should be visible under the "Accounts" menu item in Adyen. If you don't see that menu item, it should be visible just above the "sign off" link under the arrow beneath the login name.
  • Merchant secret: The live HMAC secret is something you configured yourself when creating the Adyen skin.
  • Skincode: The skincode should be visible under "Skins" after you created a skin in Adyen

After you created the payment gateway you should be able to click on it's name in the payment gateway overview and see a "Notification URL". This notification URL is what Adyen uses to send notifications about a payment's status.

Log in to the live Adyen system and proceed to "Settings" -> "Notifications". If you're presented with a merchant account select menu, select the merchant account entered with the payment gateway. Here, you are able to configure the "Notification URL" from the previous step. To do so, copy this URL into the "URL" field in the Adyen page, make sure the "Active" check box is actually active and for method select "HTTP POST (parameters)". Authentication is not necessary to setup. When configured properly click "Test Settings" at the bottom and you should be presented with the following result:

 HTTP notification test:
1  : [accepted]
2  : [accepted]

Now click "Save Settings" to save them.

Make sure the Adyen skin entered under the payment gateway is available on the live environment, this can be done at the skin on the "Publish" tab with the "Publish to Live" button.

In the back-office, open the Storefront for which you want to set this payment gateway. Open the Settings, and open the Payment Options. it's possible to configure your Adyen account as a usable payment method in the shop. To do so press the "Add payment method" button and at "Type" select "Automatic". Now you should be able to select the payment gateway you just created. The name of the payment method is what is shown to your customers when they have to select a payment method, the description is shown as a little help text for that specific payment method.

You should be able to follow the above steps to setup a payment gateway on the test system. Just login to the Adyen test system and configure the notification URL there as the notification URL from the payment gateway on the test system.