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Adding a customer account in Hostcontrol allows someone to log in, and order and manage products (thus creating revenue). Customers can create their own accounts using your storefront, or you can create one manually in Hostcontrol.

  • In order to add a new customer, first move to the Customer tab:


  • Next, select Actions > Create Customer:


You will be presented with a screen showing a large amount of fields to be filled. These fields are the contact details of your customer, and will determine their whois information as well.

  • Label determines which label they will become a customer of.
  • Full name sets the full name of the customer.
  • Organisation is an optional field; if the customer fills this, the customer is now an organisation. This may be important for Tax rules.
  • Gender sets the gender of the customer.
  • Address is the address of the customer and registrant
  • ZIP/Postal code is the postal code belonging to the address.
  • City is the city where the customer is staying.
  • Country is the place where the customer is from. This may be important for Tax rules.
  • State/province is an optional field which may be filled with the province of the customer.
  • Phone number is a field which must be filled with a valid phone number.
  • Fax number is an optional field which may contain a fax number.
  • VAT number is a field we check for tax rules, and special tax lines (in case you set these under Tax rules).
  • E-mail is a required field which sets the login name for your customer, and their e-mail address in whois.


Finally, you can set several options for your new customer:

  1. Checking the "Customer can login" box makes your customer able to login to the Customer Area and manage domains.
  2. E-mail verification sends a verification link to the customer which must be clicked before orders are processed.
  3. Sending a welcome mail sends out the "New customer" mail which you have set at the Label settings.
  4. Finally, you will have to set the password for the user. These are required fields.