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        1. Guide: API

This guide is designed to connect your account via API. It assumes you will

  • Set up your Hostcontrol account with basic features,
  • Use our API to perform actions,
  • Develop and build your own tools based on our API
  • Know a bit about Hostcontrol and the settings involved already.

This guide is for advanced users and offers a very basic set-up. At the moment, we recommend using this guide:

  • If you have a lot of domains, and do not want to use our interface to manage them,
  • When you do not want a WHMCS license,
  • If you are able to develop your own applications,
  • If you do not want to use hosting products via API (our API currently does not support this).
  • If you are familiar with customizing Hostcontrol to your needs.
        1. Settings
  • Turn off auto-renew
  • Enable notifications for watermarks.
        1. Balance
  • Set watermarks at Finance > Balance > Actions for the balance that suits your account balance.
          1. Label settings
  • Customers: Select all countries (bottom).
  • Domains: Enable “External nameservers default enabled” and “Custom DNS default enabled”
  • Customer Area: Disable everything.

This is where the manual set-up ends; any other account behaviour is explained in greater detail in the other guides. We encourage you to read these documents, and apply what you feel fits for your account. After that, continue with the API setup and begin developing your own code.

        1. Retrieve API key
  • Find your API key under Dashboard > Label. This is a a key with 5 x 10 alpha-numerical characters.
        1. Developing applications

Our API is based around HTTP post, using the API key as an HTTP header. This is handled differently in programming languages. There are some examples on File:Hostcontrol-php-samples.zip