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        1. What is an API?

An API (Application Programming Interface) specifies how software components should interact with each other. Basically it translates a command so that the receiving part can understand it. At Hostcontrol this means that for example WHMCS can order domains from the Reseller Platform.

        1. What can you do with it at Hostcontrol?

Hostcontrol uses a REST API. You can use any programming language that works with HTTP request to implement our API, as long as you set the X-APIKEY header in your HTTP requests.

Please refer to these important documents before you begin:

Read more about using the X-APIKEY HTTP-header How to obtain your API Key Last but not least, our API URL is: https://backoffice.hostcontrol.com/api/v1

        1. Documentation

The documentation may be downloaded here: [1]

You'll find some excerpts below. For the full documentation please click the link above.

          1. Customers
GET customer Returns a list of customers, matching an optional email address.
POST customer Creates a new customer.
GET customer/[customer_id] Returns a specified customer.
PUT customer/[customer_id] Update the setting "is_receiving_support_notifications" for a customer via this command.
          1. Contacts
GET contact Returns a list of contacts, matching an optional customer id.
GET contact/[contact_id] Returns a specified contact.
PUT contact/[contact_id] Updates a specified contact.
          1. Domains
GET domain Returns a list of domains.
POST domain Registers a new domain.
GET domain/[domain_name] Returns a specified domain name.
PUT domain/[domain_name] Updates the auto renew state for this domain.
DELETE domain/[domain_name] Sets the renew state for this domain to false.
GET domain/[domain_name]/auth-code Returns the auth code for a specified domain name.
POST domain/[domain_name]/renew Manually renew a domain.
POST domain/[domain_name]/transfer Transfer a domain to another registrar
GET domain/[domain_name]/name-server Returns a list of nameservers for the given domain name.
POST domain/[domain_name]/name-server Adds up to five nameservers to the specified domain name.
GET domain/[domain_name]/zone Returns a zone for the specific domain name.
POST domain/[domain_name]/zone Sets zone records for the specified domain name.
POST domain-is Checks the availability of a domain.
GET domain-prices Returns a list of prices (in cents) for the domains.
GET domain-transfer Returns a list of transfers, matching an optional customer id.
POST domain-transfer Start a transfer for a specified domain and customer.
GET domain-transfer/[domain_transfer_id] Returns the status of a specified domain transfer.
PUT domain-transfer/[domain_transfer_id] Updates the auth code for a specific domain transfer.
DELETE domain-transfer/[domain_transfer_id] Cancels (and deletes) a current transfer.
POST domain-transfer/[domain_transfer_id]/approve Approves a specified transfer.
          1. Labels
GET label Returns properties for the label.
          1. Orders
GET order Returns a list of orders.
POST order Creates a new order.
GET order/[order_id] Returns a specified order.
        1. Custom gateway