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        1. Registry


        1. Transfer procedure

The transfer costs do not include a renewal of the domain. The registration period will remain intact, the domain will be renewed on the original expiry date.

        1. Requirements

You can find the requirements at https://www.iis.se/english/domains/se/terms-and-conditions/

        1. Class: (CCTLD of gTLD)


        1. Grace renewal


        1. Redemption

After expiration, a .se domain will go into a status of "Pending Delete Restorable " for a 60 day period. The domain will be offline and no changes to the domain are possible. During this period, the domain can be restored by Realtime Register. The costs for this reactivation are the equivalent of the renew fee.

        1. Other

Minimum 3 characters. Maximum 63 characters. You can't start or end an .SE domain name with a ("-") sign. The folowing characters are supported: å, ä, ö, é and ü, and any of the characters of the official Swedish minority languages, or their Nordic neighbors’ languages.