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        1. Registry


        1. Transfer procedure

        1. Requirements

Registration of .RE domain names is available for all European residents.

Minimum 3 characters. Maximum 63 characters. You can't start or end with a ("-") sign.

        1. Class: (CCTLD of gTLD)


        1. Grace renewal

No grace renewal is available for .re

        1. Redemption

30 days redemption, during which the domain can be restored.

        1. Other

The technical contact for a .RE domain has to be an organization.

Private persons that want to register a .RE are required to fill in their date of birth.

For organizations outside of France a registration number of the Chamber of Commerce is not required. For organizatons residing in France the specifics below are required: Business entity type (French organizations only) SIREN/SIRET number (French organizations only)